McGregor vs Donald Cerrone Live 19 January 2020

What time is the battle of Conor and Cerrone today, January 19? Fight McGregor Serone watch online live now. UFC 246 watch online fully. Full Fight: UFC 246 McGregor v Cerrone Live UFC 246 Conor Mcgregor... McGregor vs Donald Cerrone Live 19 January 2020 Tv Broadcast Today US.

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This often happens in professional sports. A young man achieves fame and fortune. And he is preparing to face the temptations that come with popularity. Not realizing how such achievements can change everything. No one in the history of mixed martial arts has reached the level of popularity reached by Conor McGregor. Once a champion at the same time in the semi-light and light UFC divisions. The king of the martial arts world crashed due to the consequences of his violations. Will he fight again?

But if anyone and the strength to rise from the ashes - this is a once simple guy who has become an icon of MMA. And MacGregor aims to get back in shape.

“You know, I could say,“ Oh, old Conor is back. ” But this is the past, I am focused on the present. ”, Conor states.

McGregor vs Donald Cerrone Live 19 January 2020

Revitalization of the career will occur in the half-middleweight title on January 19 against the familiar lightweight champion in the number of victories in the UFC - Donald Cowboy Cerrone. The long-awaited headliner will head a tight card, in the KO main event which will be a rematch between former lightweight champion Holly Holm and a top 5 fighter - Reikel Pennin. Plus, Brazilian rising star Carlos Diego Ferreira will face former lightweight champion Anthony Pettis. But before the world leader MMA brightly begins the new year, first prepare for the countdown of UFC 246.

New Mexico is one of the first hotbed of mixed martial arts that for decades has attracted the best fighters on earth, including the proud American cowboy from neighboring Colorado who now trains on his own ranch 30 miles east of the former hall in Albuquerque.

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“It's funny that I ended up here in Edgewood, New Mexico. Because I remember once my grandfather wanted to buy me a place in Ledville, Colorado, and this is the highest-located city in the United States. And he is like this: "you need to train there, everyone will go to you." And I’m like this: "Grandpa, who will go there? What are you talking about?" You know, I just did not understand his vision. At that time, but now I built this ranch and people really come here. This is unbelievable. ”Says the Cowboy.

The unique Donald Cerrone Hall attracts many fighters and coaches from the region. And although the situation here is quite fun - everyone is focused on the success of the cowboy.

“I created the conditions that I like and it seems to me that all veterans come here because they want to have fun. But do not let all of this mislead you. We train very hard. ”

“We focus on work as a team. And this is another camp to pick up the victory, ”- Shara Vigeant, Cerrone's conditioning coach.

“We have a very strong team, everyone is competing with each other. But also there are a lot of all kinds of toys, Cowboy loves this business - he loves to have fun, ”- Joe Schilling. Cerrone's striking coach.

To be in "close" with Cerrone - you need to live to the fullest and from training to leisure, the Cowboy world is not for the faint of heart. Every aspect of Cerrone’s life is promoted to extreme sports, including a career in the UFC. The balance between battles and life to the fullest seems to be the ideal formula for Cerrone's success, because he holds almost every record in the game. Most victories in UFC history, most finishes, most knockouts from hat-kicks. I made one and a half million only on bonuses - cool, but this money has not been around for a long time. You know, I've been in the top 5 all my career. So there may be something in the water, or we are doing everything right.

Serrone’s path to the UFC began with 15 victories in 18 battles, which led him to the title against the then champion - Rafael Dos Agnos. The promotion of this title in 2015 was at a large press conference where there were the largest names in the sport. Including newly made semi-lightweight champion Conor McGregor. McGregor was preparing to fight Jose Aldo, the greatest semi-lightweight champion. And he got this opportunity loudly making his way in the division ratings. The Irish superstar predicted his victories from time to time.

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The belt of the temporary champion opened the way for a super duel between the two champions and McGregor realized his moment. Notorius grabbed the game and quickly laid eyes on the second UFC belt.

The GO BIG press conference in 2015 not only promoted a busy schedule of high-class battles, but also reduced the paths of Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone for the first time. In 2015, Notorius and Cerrone. Both performed in title fights and showed different results. McGregor took the semi-lightweight title in 13 seconds, while Cerrone lost to Rafael Dosanyes in the title fight. But whoever owned the lightweight title by the end of the year, in 2016 he was facing a fight with McGregor.

Just 12 days before McGregor's fight with the lightweight division champion, his plans to capture the second UFC belt unexpectedly collapsed. The main contenders for the fight with McGrgor were: former bantamweight contender Juraev Eybor, half-middleweight superstar Nate Diaz and recently fighting for the title cowboy Cerrone. Cerrone's willingness to fight McGregor on a short notice reflects his entire career. He has earned a reputation as a fighter accepting any fights.

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