What do I need to know before buying a wallpaper in the room? Advice

During the repair of a room or premise, most people are faced with the problem of finishing the walls, because there are a lot of options. Recently, the most popular choice are wallpapers. But how to buy such that they had high-quality material and would be ideally suited to the interior chosen by you? Also they can be made to order.

What do I need to know before buying a wallpaper in the room? Advice

Self-adhesive wallpapers are in great demand because of its availability, ease of use, relatively cheap cost and a huge assortment. When ordering photo wallpapers pay attention to such qualities as structure, material and manufacturer. Before buying photo wallpapers, consider the walls in which room you will glue, because this directly depends on their basis. On this basis they are divided into:
  1. Non-woven fleece. Do not absorb dust, do not burn under the sun, water resistant, resistant to inflammation. A dense structure does not require the wall to be leveled, since it hides all the shortcomings. Suitable for children's rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms.
  2. Tissue. Breathable, environmentally friendly, but retain moisture and dust, which can cause the appearance of fungus or mold. Suitable for living rooms.

  3. Paper. Very fragile, easily torn, require pre-filler of the wall. Environmentally friendly and have a very large range.
  4. Vinyl. The most successful option for any room. Waterproof, resistant to high temperatures and sunlight, very durable.

Also photo wallpapers are divided into the types of structures:
  1. Smooth. Straight, often glossy surface.
  2. Sand. Ideally hides the unevenness of the wall. Need special care.
  3. Canvas. It is mainly used to picture paintings and frescoes.
  4. Plaster. It is mainly used to picture paintings and frescoes.
  5. Flax. It is mainly used for depicting wildlife.

At the moment there are a lot of drawings: the lights of the night city, luxurious and bright bouquets of flowers, cozy forest and countryside landscapes, the heroes of your favorite cartoons and books, masterpieces of great artists. From the image depends the atmosphere of the room and its visual space. If there is a need, photo wallpapers are made to order, so you can hang even your own picture or photo! The main thing is that it fits well and harmonizes with the rest of the interior of the room.

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