Many Faces of Thailand. Bangkok 2018

Bangkok is the most cheerful and contradictory city in Asia. This is not only the capital, but also the country's air gate. It is with this huge modern metropolis that the acquaintance with Thailand begins.

Many Faces of Thailand. Bangkok 2018

Use Bangkok only as a transit zone - inadmissible extravagance. Trying to look at Bangkok by a raid, in one day - is an attempt to embrace the vast, which can only bring fatigue and disappointment. In Bangkok, it is worth spending at least three or four days.

There are lots of sights here, and more is entertainment. Begin the acquaintance with the capital of Thailand stands with a large architectural complex, consisting of the Grand Palace and the temple of Wat Phra Kao. Besides the most beautiful buildings, striking with their eclecticism, a combination of classical European and South Asian styles, here is the Museum of Thai Art. The most famous exhibit of the whole complex is the Emerald Buddha - a small but very revered statue, which the King of Thailand himself dresses three times a year. If you come to the complex by 10 am, you can see a change of guard of the royal guards. The very territory of the complex is a huge number of interesting things, a real palace in the open air, where even trees and bushes are works of art.

In ten minutes walk from the Grand Palace is another famous temple complex - Wat Po, famous for the huge statue of the Reclining Buddha (or Buddha in Nirvana). And in Wat Pho is the most famous and old school of massage in Thailand. Therefore, after taking a walk in the large park of Wat Po, having seen enough of the numerous Buddha statues and Buddhist stupas decorated with rich tiles, it is worth to devote an hour of time and give yourself a session of a real Thai foot massage.

Both temples are in close proximity to the Chao Phraya River. It is not only separates the city into two banks, it is also the transport artery of the city. Many river trams run along it, so you can get to the most remote parts of the city by the river - it's a very convenient and pleasant journey, because there are no traffic jams on the river. There are trams often, and tickets for them are worth a penny. Along the river there are a lot of restaurants, but there are also floating restaurants - every night along Chao Phraya, large steamboats cruise, the destinations of which are evening entertainments. The evening program usually includes dinner and a show with folk dances.

One day it's worth to go to the suburbs of Bangkok, Samut Prakan town, and visit Myang Boran, Ancient City. It is easy to get there by taxi - the road from the center of Bangkok will take about an hour and will cost only $ 10. Myang Boran is a huge open-air park, where the most famous architectural masterpieces and monuments of architecture from all over Thailand are collected. Most of them are made in full size, and some are skilfully scaled. Thus, visitors have the opportunity for several hours to make a mini-journey across Thailand.

After a quick look at Bangkok, you can go with a one-day excursion to Ayutthaya, the oldest previous capital of Thailand, and you can go to the famous Floating Market, which is located 80 km from Bangkok. A trip to the Floating Market will take almost the whole day, but there will be more exotic impressions. It is worth noting that there are plenty of interesting markets in Bangkok itself. On weekends, tourists from all over the world are attracted by Chatuchak - the largest market for weekend in the world. Here you can buy almost everything - from a pin to furniture, from wooden elephants to living exotic animals and birds. As for the purchase of souvenirs, then they should go to the night market of Suam Lum. In the Pratunam area there is a huge number of shopping arcades where you can buy any clothes, accessories and haberdashery. And for these branded things you need to go to Siam Center - here is an aquarium and many restaurants. But wherever you go for shopping - shopping in Bangkok you will be very pleased with both prices and assortment.

Thailand was so properly conceived and planned by nature itself, that the season on the local seas - almost all year. While in the Andaman Sea - the rainy season, on the other side of Thailand - in the South China Sea - high season. And vice versa. You can come all year - and do not lose. You can come as many times as you like - and every time relax on a new island. The most famous islands of Thailand are Phuket in the Andaman Sea and Ko Chang and Ko Samui in South China. Near Phuket is the island group Phi Phi - this paradise on Earth became famous thanks to the film "Beach". Not far from Samui are "Asian Ibiza", a place of permanent beach discos, Koh Phangan and a favorite place for divers of Koh Tao. Islands are always pleased with the clean sea, little beaches, lush tropical flora and at the same time - an excellent infrastructure, entertainment including. It is clear that any island is able to offer all kinds of water sports - diving, snorkeling, kayaking, kiting, fishing - anything. But the islands are able to please more and a huge number of attractions of any kind - culinary schools, waterfalls, elephant riding, all sorts of "secret gardens" and butterfly gardens, all the same crocodile and snake farms, temples and statues, go-karting and motorcycle racing, vegetarian festivals , foam discotheques - there is entertainment for every taste. And the island of Phuket surprises tourists with a unique show of its kind FantaSea. A huge entertainment complex with theme parks and a restaurant with 4000 seats, where every evening there are lush shows in the style of Las Vegas, but based on Thai myths, - everyone should visit here! On the territory of the complex is a Thai village, where you can see how to create works of national crafts, and even here there is the Palace of Elephants and the Village of Festivals. Of course, you still need to get to the islands, but you can find a beautiful seaside resort in the immediate vicinity of Bangkok.

Only 147 km along the beautiful road - and you are in Pattaya. In addition to the sea, beaches and all the above Thai entertainments, elephants, crocodiles, dances, shows and water sports there is a Mini Siam park, that is, all Thailand in miniature, and Park of Stones (with a crocodile farm with it), and there is also The Orchid Park and the amusing museum "Believe-not-believe", exhibits which immerse visitors in the world of optical illusions and unprecedented wonders of nature.

The food of Thailand is a special attraction of this amazing country. Whether it's a street tray with tiny shish kebabs or a luxury restaurant on the beach of Chao Phraya, you will be exclusively tasty everywhere. Although sharp - so acute that sometimes just tears from the eyes. Therefore, at first, do not forget to ask the waiter: "Not spicy, please" - then you get used to acute food and you get a great pleasure from it. The abundance of amazing exotic fruits and seafood makes Thailand a paradise for gourmets.

Thailand is a real fairy tale for the traveler, who each time reveals his new face for tourists.

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