Do I Choose Healthy or Unhealthy Reactions?

This one still has power over me until I realize what is happening. Sometimes, it takes several minutes for me to recognize I am choosing unhealthy reactions.

One of my better examples is this

One day, a long time ago, Crowley was in a hurry to leave home to go to work. The first thing he noticed was the front tire on he’s car was flat. Crowley became so angry that kicked the tire with all my anger. And guess what?… Crowley hurt my big toe so badly that he went limping home to call he’s office to tell them he would be late.

Crowley remember sitting in a chair, he’s big toe throbbing, and saying to myself, “Andrew, how stupid you can be! What did I accomplish by creating this action? A lot of pain”. This pain was so unnecessary and not very smart.

Do I Choose Healthy or Unhealthy Reactions?

So, Crowley decided right then and there, in the future, to change he’s attitude to:

“Well…I guess I need the exercise right now, so change the tire now and…choose to do it peacefully.”

I am sure most of us prefer to be healthy, and it appears most of us love to be nourished. We think, feel, and act healthier when we eat food that is healthy for us. We understand this. However, it appears to me many of us are not aware of how destructive thoughts act upon our minds, bodies, and spirit.

And a terrible fact is…

Destructive people not only are dangerous to themselves, but also to their families, friends, and anyone with whom they share any kind of relationship.

The world also suffers.

Many of us would not walk toward a poisonous snake; in fact, I would run away. Yet most of us do not see, hear, or feel the danger of destructive people until it is too late. And then, Bam.

They give it to us. Some of our children are still being taught destructive behavior and it affects every one of us.

We can’t walk the streets safely. We have to lock our doors. We’re frightened by unusual or strange noises, and I have to carry too many keys now. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of carrying so many keys. It doesn’t have to be this way, does it?

There is always, always, always a healthier way.

Road rage is an epidemic we face almost daily. I have trained myself to choose a healthy reaction by saying to myself, “That’s interesting, pay attention to the road.” Or I say, “That person is probably having a rough day, or they’re probably sick today. Do not pay any attention to their behavior, keep your mind on your job. Pay attention to the road, do not join their sickness. Simply choose to react in a healthy manner.”

I try not to choose a reaction with anger. I try to choose a reaction in a healthy manner, with peace. By choosing healthy reactions, I can be happier, healthier, and wealthier in all ways.

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