Llewellyn’s Music that Heals Body and Soul or how to use healing melodies as a substitute for aspirin

Most likely you’ve never heard of a musician with a quite unusual Welsh name Llewellyn. If that’s the case, I think it's time to get acquainted with his melodies which, they say, can heal. Just listen to what people talk about that:

Llewellyn’s Music that Heals Body and Soul or how to use healing melodies as a substitute for aspirin

  • How have I learned about Llewellyn? For a long time I had been tormented with severe headaches and sometimes nightmares. Also my job is a source of too much stress and troubles as I’m a serving police officer and sometimes I have to face horrible things. Before falling asleep I can’t stop thinking and calm my mind... Guess what had released me from this torture? Yes, it’s the healing music of this Welsh artist. I just turn it on every night and, you know, a feeling of flight comes at once. And then I fall dead asleep easily.

  • Are you serious? Do you think it’s possible to feel and sleep better because of the music only? In my opinion, it's easier to take some pills occasionally or wrap your head with a red scarf (as grandmother taught) and forget about that! That would be helpful for sure.

  • Here you are so vain. The fact that Llewellyn’s music heals is admitted even by doctors. Moreover composing music is not just a hobby for Llewellyn. He’s also become a musician not only for commercial profit as all those famous modern “stars” do. By the way Llewellyn holds a reclusive collection of esoteric literature (some even say that he's one of the biggest collectors) and it’s clear that he's gathered a lot of wise experience from those books. This wonderful musician devoted his entire life to self-development and spirituality.

  • Well it’s easy to agree that serene instrumental melodies help to calm down and relax. But it’s really hard to believe in a genuine recovery after chronic headaches just because of some songs.

  • Llewellyn has a very serious attitude to healing, as an example he’s fond of Reiki. He even released a special album to practice Reiki. He has many meditation tracks and music for healing massage. But the most significant fact is that even huge national corporations appreciated the healing effect of Llewellyn’s music. Tracks from the album Reiki Gold are broadcasted for passengers in the airplanes of British Airways. And Llewellyn paired with singer Juliana eight years ago, his record labels to New Age musicians opened.

  • What a curious person, indeed! It would be great if our airlines would introduce something like this too! It would be really a very helpful idea for people, who are afraid to fly, like me. And what about kids, do you think this music can ease a troubled sleep? My baby is a restless creature.

  • I think it’s worth trying, I'm sure you won’t regret at least. And what about the children, by the way, there is a special album by Llewellyn, that helps kids grow more healthy and relaxed. They even may get interested in Celtic culture, like me. Cause this music really inspires to learn more about unusual Celtic traditions. I’ve succeeded a little and now I can not dispute the gods on the Tuatha Dé Danann to list or remember it as a spear Cuchulain called. It's quite uncommon and funny name, by the way .

    Well, I think now is the best time to enjoy some more stories about other wonderful masters in our music room.

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