Fantastic spiritual paintings by Josephine Wall

This year Josephine Wall will turn 67 (!), and still she is as creative as a young picture goddess. Her spiritual paintings are so inspiring and full of colours and wildlife! was interested to find out the secret of her fabulous gift and obviously has found a couple of hints.

Fantastic spiritual paintings by Josephine Wall

I’ve just remembered a thing to the topic:

A question to the radio of Armenia:

- What is the difference between the art of painting before the invention of photography and after that?

- Before it the artists were trying to create as realistic paintings as possible. After it the goal changed to the least realistic.

So what is the formula of Josephine’s success? Firstly, she has been painting constantly since the age of 4 and she's till working daily. She has tried everything in her field, from design to solo exhibitions. Secondly, her studio is pyramid-shaped and is located not just somewhere but on top of the hill. Just as in a fairy-tale.

She really is a person who is deeply in love with her work. It is a rare day when she doesn’t paint. And the paintings by Josephine Wall do stagger the imagination.

By the way, can you imagine that the prototypes for most of these paintings are Josephine’s relatives!? Could you depict, say, your uncle or your cat in a way Josephine does?

A couple of interesting thoughts of Josephine Wall:

“I’m not concerned about whether inspiration will come or not. That’s why it often appears, when I’m just washing up or dusting”.

“What would I advise to the beginners? Just enjoy and love every moment of creating! Doesn’t matter how hard you are criticized, just hold on to your style whatever happens”.

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