William Ackerman - an Amazing Master of Classic Guitar Music

Hardly anything can put you at ease better than classic guitar. A singer-songwriter or a rock musician playing the guitar is a common thing, but Will Ackerman demonstrates that a mere guitar can play the part of an entire orchestra! Welcome to the world of solo guitar!

A point to the subject:

Different instruments influence human organism differently. For example, the guitar has a visible effect on your heart. Solo guitar corrects heart beat disorders perfectly.

William Ackerman

To tell the truth, SelfComposing.org had a lot of trouble believing that it’s possible to fascinate the audience just by the sound of the guitar. And, what is more, to produce entire albums of solo guitar music. That’s the simplicity of genius… Will proved to be a real master of his art.

We’ve been trying long and hard to get hold of the secret of Ackerman’s talent. He’s so contradictory! A constructor by occupation, he grew up in the orphanage, but his foster parents expected him to become a professor.

The thing is that Ackerman did the impossible, he acted out of accord with human understanding of what is “normalâ€. Though a good student, he preferred the job of carpenter (!) to the prestigious profession of a teacher. And all this resulted in opening a music recording studio to produce the new age music records. It’s just incredible for 1970s!

Now he’s still producing marvelous meditative music and composing striking tracks. You have a chance to get an earful of our best set of his breath-taking classic guitar tracks.

Here are some of Ackerman’s exciting ideas:

“I can’t make out how my music appears. So far the only idea I have is the theory of event horizon by Stephen Hawking. It’s really a mystery for me. I must say without false modesty that, in fact, I’m surprised that I’m the composer of this music. I wonder how it could ever come to my mind!â€

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