The Trio – AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft, Commenced Their Display Ad Deal

Major source of revenue earned by the search engines is by displaying Ads. The more the Ads are displayed and clicked by the internet users, more is the revenue earned by them. Lately, AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft have entered into a joint venture to display ads of each other. Now these three companies are involved in displaying the inventory of others.

The Trio – AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft, Commenced Their Display Ad Deal

The official announcement about the proposed agreement between AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft was made in the November 2011. But, none of these companies has planned to speak out about their intentions and proposed ad display deal before finalizing the terms. Unfortunately, the information about their joint venture was leaked in the month of September 2011. Lots of discussions and arguments were involved among the internet users. And finally the trio has officially announced about their upcoming joint venture. They stated that the joint venture would come into existence in the first quarter of the year 2012. The trios are not just the promoters of each other but also the partners in Network.

Daniel Scheinberg, the senior director, Display Marketplaces of Microsoft advertisement addressed to the media thanking Yahoo and AOL for their partnership through a blog post. All these happened in the month of November 2011.

Lately, the trio has successfully entered into partnership and has started promoting the products of each other as scheduled. This joint venture makes these three companies to adhere to a unique and specialized channel for enabling the outgoing advertisement than offered earlier. Quality is counted more than the quantity and reach of the advertisements.

Microsoft has its own platform to display the ads and is built on the AppNexus. On the other hand, Right Media Exchange is utilized by AOL and Yahoo.

The partnership enables the trio to carry on with what they have doing so far, i.e. reselling each other’s ads and media. Even though the past work is being repeated, complexity and scale of reach is quite different. The combined network of AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft represents a more powerful variety of inventory than the mere inventory types available in the network companies with small coverage.

Yet another interesting part is available with this trio and it is nothing about the point of contact shared by them. Yahoo has advised the media buyers who are interested in accessing the Microsoft products to contact the Yahoo account executive.

However, there is a sort of risk involved in this arrangement could just remove the audiences outlook and differentiation on the three network products, namely AOL –, Yahoo – Network Plus and Microsoft Media Network. In spite of their joint inventory, they still offer the individual and unique products to their customers.

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